About Us

 I was born into a retail family. My great grandparents were Lebanese immigrants who started out practically with bags on their backs,
combing the rural dirt roads of South Georgia selling their wares from their backs. The people of South Georgia opened their homes and families to them as only the great Southerners can and within time, Papa, his brothers, and other relatives opened their shops uptown in Downtown Douglas. Our store was open to family by blood and family by love to shop and visit.  

 Family like Aunt Mae Nahra who would bring her crochet yarn and hooks and sit with Aunt Annie down at the Dad and Lad, watching stories and telling a few too. Family like the police officers who would stop by on their
beats to visit, grab a coca cola, and one of Aunt Annie's ham and cheese sandwiches that she would make in the kitchen in the back. Family like Mrs. McKinnon and others, who would stop by while shopping in town to sit and visit a spell. Cozy, simple times. But I didn’t follow my roots….

For over thirty years I lived my dream as a healer, a nurturer. I raised four amazing children with my awesome husband Chris as I helped support our family nursing. I love nursing, I love my patients, and I love helping them feel better and heal. But as you know, it can be a stressful
job at times, as well as depressing. To relieve this stress, I began restoring tired, damaged furniture. Giving them the same love and attention that I give to my patients, I found I had a talent of nurturing these items back to life. I
also discovered a love for vintage and antique items.  

During the spring and summer of 2019, I took a leave of absence from my nursing job to care for my sick mother. It was during this time that I began to devote more time nurturing my hobby of restoring furniture into a business and getting back to my roots. The idea of 56 Vintage Market was born during this time. I wanted a place that I could be surrounded by those items that I enjoy, doing the things that make me happy, and the people I love.

I am chasing THAT warm fuzzy feeling. I want a brick and mortar big enough for friends, family, and friends I havent met yet to "set a spell". A place for my Huey and Brown families to drop in. An area that my community family can browse and shop and socialize . Space and time to chase those beautiful and ACTIVE grandbabies of mine.

Yes, it can be said that I want to go back to a slower, more simpler time and maybe I do. But I love my customers, my vendors, my friends who are family by love, and yes those family members I am stuck with by blood.

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